Seth Williams

Vice President, Sales / Principal

Seth started LedgeEnd Capital LLC with Joe Padolsky around March 2014 with the intent of it becoming a  property management business. Working in the real estate industry was really frustrating, and customer service wasn't' always what it should be. Knowing there was a need to close the gap in customer & client service through an educational, stress free model, Seth and Joe decided to open up LedgeEnd Realty.

Seth has 15 + years in multi-unit retail management, and is bringing the renewed focus to the client that has been absent from the industry for decades. We integrate the latest and greatest technology, at the same time making your purchase or home sale as stress free as possible.

Personally, Seth is married to his Wife Jennifer, and they both reside in Winthrop, Ma where they have started to build quite the real estate portfolio. Jennifer & Seth own several small multi-family properties and have recently started renovating and flipping. Seth likes to specialize on first time home buyers & the real estate investment community.

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